Wouldn’t you like to see these beautiful birds up close?

Trumpeter Swans are the largest and some of the most majestic of all native North American waterfowl. Adults stand at 4 ft, have a wingspan of 7 ft and can weigh up to 35 lbs.

Very soon, cygnets (this year’s newborn) will be hatched and grow big enough to fly by the end of summer.  Males are referred to as “cobs”, females “pens”. Cygnets stay with their parents for 1 summer after which they will establish new/shared territories.  Parents are mates for life and live on average 25 years. 

These are truly a spectacular species to observe in the Yellowstone Ecosystem!!

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Things that might interest you about Grand Teton National Park!

Grand Teton National Park was officially formed in 1950. Prior to then, beginning in 1926, it was known as Grand Teton National Monument. As a National Monument, this area was limited to the Teton Range and a few of its moraine lakes. The subsequent designation as a National Park expanded the Park boundaries to its current size of 310,000 acres.

Grand Teton is unique in several ways:

-Only National Park with an airport inside boundary

-Domestic animals allowed

-Private land ownership allowed (grandfathered only)

-Timber cutting  (limited)

In and near the Park, visitors can witness magnificent views of the spectacular Teton Range (including its highest peak Grand Teton at 13,776 ft), wildflowers and MANY species of wildlife. The park is home to abundant wildlife which can be seen daily. These include elk, moose, mule deer, bison, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, bears (black and grizzly), mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, fox, beaver, otters, eagles (bald and golden), multiple species of songbirds birds and waterfowl as well as many different types of wildflowers.

Visitors can also see its pristine lakes, Snake River and spectacular geologic formations, visitor centers and many hiking trails. Rafting adventures, fishing, horseback riding and dude ranch opportunities are also available. From the town of Jackson, one can be within GTNP in 10 minutes.

There are also 11 active glaciers in GTNP!

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