Want to see a Bighorn Sheep up-close and live?

Bighorn Sheep will arrive near the town of Jackson, WY at any time now.

The herd of around 100 plus animals migrate from an area just north of Jackson and will soon be just 10 minutes outside of town.

Their winter migration takes them from an area about 15 miles north of Jackson and outside Grand Teton National Park. They will be here until about April (snow dependent). Beautiful wildlife to see, especially up-close and frequently! After spending the winter months here, they will return to their summer range north of town.

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So, What are elk doing around Jackson, WY right now?

Elk are now in the midst of their mating season. Bulls have established their “harems” of cows and will mate as soon as the females are receptive.

Soon elk will begin their annual migration from areas north of Jackson, WY towards the National Elk Refuge which abuts the town of Jackson.

Some elk will travel 40-50 miles to reach the Refuge. Most will not travel that far.

Once the elk arrive at the Refuge, their numbers can reach as many as 10,000 and can be easily seen on a daily basis. They generally arrive on the Refuge in December and return to their summer range (north) in April.