Are North American Bald Eagles Actually “Bald?”


No! This descriptive term derives from the visual perceived by many observers.  They are actually “white headed” due to the white feathers on their heads!  Bald eagles inhabit almost every state here in the United States.  They feed on fish in the summer months, and carrion in the winter.  Thusly, they are both predators AND scavengers.
They build the largest nests of any North American birds, up to 13 feet deep and 8 feet wide.  After 3-4 years, these eagles reach sexual maturity.  At this point, their feathers turn white at the head and tail.  Their life expectancy in the wild is 20 years and their wingspan can reach over 6 feet.  The average weight is about 10 pounds, with females weighing 25% MORE than males!
Bald Eagles are currently “protected,” but not endangered.  They are among the most magnificent and majestic of all birds here in the United States… After all, they are depicted on the currency used in the U.S. for a reason!

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