Kind Words from Recent Guests

“Best Decision Ever

Of all of the people we could have toured with – we are still so happy we found Mark. Not only was he knowledgeable about the area and took us down fun backroads to view wildlife, he also taught us a ton about the area and about the animals in the area.

My husband and I came to Jackson on our honeymoon and could not have imagined a better tour than what we had with Mark. His charm and patience was so helpful as we totally geeked out over the beauty of the area. We’re already planning our anniversary trip back to the Tetons and plan on calling Mark to book another tour with him.”

-Hannah, Alabama –October 2020 (TripAdvisor)

“Best birthday ever! 

Our family had the pleasure of joining Mark with Teton Wild Custom Wildlife Tours last month. We were thrilled to have a full day together exploring the beautiful Grand Teton area.

We learned so much from Mark and were so excited to see pronghorn antelope, elk, bison and even a black bear!

The highlight for my daughters for sure was the black bear!

We had several beautiful photo opportunities and Mark was so gracious with our time to explore and helped with many family pictures together.

My husband was celebrating his birthday the day of the tour, needless to say, he had the best, unforgettable birthday and it will be hard to beat!

Thanks so much, Mark!”

– Rebecca, Florida – August 2020 (TripAdvisor)

“Thanks for the wonderful time we had with you last week.  It was an enjoyable, informative and pure fun wildlife tour!  Seeing moose and elk as the sun comes up is memory that will last with us forever.  Bears and cubs foraging for berries was another home run!  I know all of these can be found with other groups, but we feel the difference in our trip was YOU!  Being with you was like a single malt scotch.  Very smooth and easy.  I need to add, like a great southern writer would, you were entertaining and very knowledgeable.  Thanks very much!”

– Susan and Bill, South Carolina

“Tom and I enjoyed our early morning safari with you on Monday the 18th of September!!!  Starting the morning with a 900 pound Elk walking in front of your vehicle was so exciting!!  Hiking into an area where males were bugling loudly to the female elk was incredible!!!  We also were thrilled to see a bear in a large hawthorn bush eating berries, as well as moose grazing in a stream — including a bull, 2 young moose and a cow! Driving along later we saw pronghorns running through an open field.  Without your expertise and experience we would not have had such an exciting excursion!!  Thank you!”

– Judy and Tom Cushman, Tennessee

“Wanted to drop you a note and thank you for a great morning in the Tetons!  Your love and appreciation of the outdoors reminded us of my father-in-law, Gerry Nauman.  You did an outstanding job educating us on what nature and the wildlife is all about in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  To get so close to observe a mother black bear and cub sitting without a care in the world eating berries was absolutely inspiring.  Getting as close as we did to the bison?  WOW!  They really are bigger in real life than they appear on Animal Planet TV!

The next time we visit Jackson Hole my wife and I will definitely contact you again and spend the day exploring the beautiful area you call home.  I have already, highly recommend you to all my friends (and told them to contact you at when they visit Jackson Hole.

P.S.  Your suggestion on the areas not to miss in Yellowstone National Park on our own was awesome.  The boardwalk around the bubbling mud bath and geyser pools was Lauri’s favorite, and the waterfall in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was spectacular.  BTW: 2 bison were 3 feet from the side of the road grazing while we drove by!!  What a way to end the day in Yellowstone.  Thank you!”

– Matt and Lauri Scussel, Florida

“Karen and I are on our way home and thinking of the grand few days we have just had at Jackson Hole.  For us, the jewel in this setting was the adventure we had with you, as you showed us the wildlife and shared with us the story of this magnificent region.

Our favorite moment was when we hiked through the woods following the erie voice of a bull elk.

Suddenly we witnessed a remarkable sight – 2 young bulls clashing, locking horns as they practiced what will become their fall ritual!   A couple of teenagers, as you said, preparing for adulthood.  This was a special sight we will always remember.

We could not have had a better time with a finer guide.  You have found your calling, and you do it beautifully.  Our thanks to you for making our trip an experience we will always remember.  All the best!”

– Ron and Karen Greer, Georgia

“Early morning start was well worthwhile as our team of 6 clambered into The Teton Wildlife vehicle ready to explore the local region and search out the wildlife.  Predominantly in the area for a snowboarding trip, this Wildlife Tour added hugely to our appreciation of the area as a whole.

Mark was a great host and always able to provide good answers to the many questions that we fired out.  Although it was mid-winter and the ground for the most part was covered in snow, the Wildlife was in fact abundant.  We were able to see coyote and bald eagles hunting as well as moose, fox and elk in their natural winter habitat.  He also provided good commentary on the area early settlers.

Mark was excellent at spotting the various wildlife and plenty of sets of good binoculars meant we ALL got close up views.  A great morning well spent with us all having a much better appreciation of life in the Teton as we returned to our accommodation!”

– Shelley Nash, New Zealand

“You have certainly found your passion and sacred place in Jackson Hole.  It’s easy to thank you for your time (and gasoline!), but far more difficult to thank someone for their reverence, joy in and knowledge of the wildlife and nature in the Tetons.  You are a guide extraordinaire!  Your tour is a must do when in the Hole.”

– Susan Ward, Georgia

“Nancy and I enjoyed our tour with you so much.  We saw many of the animals that we were hoping to see and areas of The Grand Teton National Park.  It is an amazing park and I was happy to see how well preserved and maintained it is.  We were very comfortable riding around and enjoyed the snacks!  Nice touch!!  Thanks for accommodating us on short notice.  You provided a wonderful experience for us that we will never forget.  5 stars for you!”

– JoAnne and Nancy Edie, Ohio

“I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous early morning animal adventure with you!  All 4 of us on that trip last Tuesday morning had such a wonderful time!  You are so kind, knowledgeable, gracious and just fun to be around.  Breakfast at Signal Mountain Lodge was just the icing on the cake.  Thank you again for all you did to make our time in the Grand Tetons such a happy and memorable event!”

– Gary Carbone, South Carolina

“Our morning began with Mark picking us up at our hotel promptly at 7 AM.  We went into Grand Teton National Park, where we immediately saw a black bear eating huckleberries and Hawthorn berries!  A bit further down, we saw a small herd of elk enjoying the shade of the woods.  Next, we saw about 20 bison on the side of the road, then more off to the distance.  Pronghorn antelope was our next sighting and the binoculars brought them up close and personal for us.

All the while, Mark is entertaining us with stories of other animal sightings and the history of how Jackson Hole was formed geologically.  He also pointed out hawk, osprey and a bald eagle.  We then headed for the backcountry where we saw moose and more pronghorn!

We stopped at Jackson Lake Lodge and headed home, only to encounter a coyote  next to the road, hunting mice!  Mark’s knowledge of the habits of the animals as well as where to go at what time, to see what – was invaluable.  We could not have seen what we saw without him.  Thank you!”

– Pete and Susan, Georgia

“Another great adventure by Mark. I asked for fall foliage and Mark went out of the way to show me the beautiful Aspens. If you want to observe the majesty of the Tetons and the serenity of nature, Mark is definitely who you call!”

– Karen Borowitz, California

“We truly enjoyed our trip to Jackson Hole, Mark is a great guide who took the time to show us the seldom seen jewels of the mountains and the valleys.  We have told many of our friends they need to take a trip to Jackson and they must go on tour with Mark!”

– James Camacho, Georgia

“We toured with this company in July with my parents and my elementary aged children. We had a great experience!!  Mark really catered to what we wanted to stop and see along the ride.  The dinner in the park was fun, memorable and delicious!!  The best part is that it was something that we could do with everyone in the family, from my elderly father to my younger children.  Everyone of all ages was thoroughly entertained!  We will recommend this company to our friends!”

– Rhetta Wagner, Florida

“We arranged a trip with Mark for our anniversary, but we weren’t sure how our 2 and a half year old daughter would like the tour after a long drive the day before.  We all had a great time!  Seeing a grizzly sow and cubs was a highlight, but Mark’s attention to detail made the trip successful.  He listened to our needs, planned beautifully (snacks and games for the kids, short breaks for hikes) and showed us animals and new parts of the park.  We loved it and can’t wait to go again.  We highly recommend Mark at Teton Wild!”

– John Hunter, Montana

“All along, I worried that although Jackson Hole is very special to me, it might not resonate with my husband, Pete.  I must say now, it was the trip of a lifetime – for both of us!  We thank you for sharing your morning and driving us around.  But, also thank you for your knowledge, humor, patience, pure love for the animals… You have truly found your passion and sacred place.  Not all people do that in a life of busy-ness.  We are amazed by your adventurous spirit!  Thank you for sharing it with us!”

– Janet and Pete Joiner, Georgia

“During our stay in Jackson Hole Valley, we booked 2 tours, the first was a full day tour in Yellowstone and the second was a half day tour in the Grand Tetons.  Both tours were exceptional!  My friends and I love wildlife, so we were very fortunate to have Mark Bolen as our guide.  Not only is he very knowledgeable about the wildlife and the history of the area but his passion shows through. We were amazed at his ability to spot wildlife while driving…. even at night he saw a beaver! We also saw a Grizzly bear with her cubs, a large herd of bison, moose, elk, pronghorn, and even a coyote!

He provides door to door service and supplies binoculars and water for all guests.  Besides wildlife we also saw Old Faithful in all its glory and the fascinating mud pots!  Mark also knows places to go to avoid the crowds.  I highly recommend both tours with Mark; this is an adventure you don’t want to miss!”

– Gena Tweed, California

“Mark was an amazing guide, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.  We chose the morning tour on his recommendation that the animals were more active at that time of day, and he didn’t disappoint!  We highly recommend his tour.  Mark’s knowledge of the area and the wildlife is priceless!”

– Mary Ellen & Fred Bauer, Maryland

“Mark met us at our hotel with a nice car to fit us comfortably and had binoculars for us all, in addition to snacks and water.  He was very informative on our drive and patient to stop anytime and anywhere for photos.  This entire trip could be amazing without getting out the car, but he made it a point to stop all along the way to take photos and capture the breathtaking views.  We saw not only breathtaking views but bison, elk, black bear, grizzly with cubs, antelope, and even stopped by a stream that is fed by a hot springs and stays warm year round (We thought that was awesome because the water is so cold everywhere else!)  We were also informed on the the birds, squirrels and trees as well as the underbrush, wildflowers…. Mark is a laid back guy who knows his info!  Check out our breathtaking pictures on TripAdvisor.  We highly recommend this tour.”

– Shannon Furlong, South Carolina