Mark Bolen, the tour operator at Teton Wild, founded Teton Wildlife Tours with a vision to provide extraordinary wildlife encounters while promoting conservation and education over 11 years ago.

Starting out, we faced the challenge of establishing ourselves as a reputable and reliable business. However, our commitment and dedication helped us overcome these hurdles, laying a strong foundation for the years to come.

Mark Bolen in Front of Tetons
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Mark Bolen, Private Tour Guide

A Decade of Conservation-Centric Adventures

From Challenges to Sustainability: Crafting Unique Wildlife Experiences

  • Inception and Challenges: Overcame early hurdles to establish reliability and reputation

  • Teton’s Wildlife Diversity: Witness regional biodiversity through private Yellowstone tours

  • Ultimate Adventure Creation: Experienced guides offer tailored, educational wildlife experiences

  • Sustainability and Conservation: Eco-friendly practices, guest education, and ongoing carbon reduction

The Unique Wildlife of the Teton Region

The Teton region is home to a diverse array of wildlife species, from majestic elk to elusive wolves. Our private Yellowstone tours from Jackson Hole have allowed guests to witness this biodiversity firsthand for over a decade.

Creating the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

We believe in creating experiences beyond the ordinary. Our team of experienced guides and naturalists, with their extensive knowledge and passion for conservation, ensure that each tour is informative, engaging, and tailored to our guests’ preferences.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to implementing eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact. We invest in ongoing training and education for our guides, educate guests about responsible tourism, and continuously seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.

Behind the Scenes: Team and Expertise

Our team consists of passionate individuals with deep knowledge of wildlife biology and ecology. They continuously update their expertise through workshops and collaborations, ensuring guests receive accurate and insightful information.

Capturing Wildlife Moments: Photography and Conservation

Photography plays a pivotal role in documenting and sharing the biodiversity of the Teton region. Collaborations with photographers and artists amplify our conservation message, creating emotional connections between viewers and wildlife.

Customer Education and Wildlife Awareness

We place a strong emphasis on educational initiatives during our tours. Our experienced guides provide insights into wildlife behavior and ecological roles, encouraging a sense of responsibility towards conservation.

Looking to the Future: Vision and Goals

Our vision includes expanding conservation efforts, strengthening partnerships, investing in technological advancements, and offering diverse and immersive tour experiences. We remain committed to sustainability and inspiring stewardship for the planet.


Teton Wildlife Tours has thrived over 11 years, offering remarkable wildlife experiences and promoting conservation. We are grateful for the memories, relationships, and positive impact we have made. Join us in creating a better future for wildlife and celebrating the wonders of the natural world.

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