Bears are going through a major change right now in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Specifically, they are emerging from their winter dens.

The 1st to emerge (happening right now) will be adult males, then mothers with last year’s cubs, then mothers with newborns. All will come out of the den ravenous and will be constantly looking for food.

best in the tetons
bear in the forest
bear and cubs

Bear Alert

The Great Spring Awakening in Yellowstone!

  • A Grand Awakening: Guess who’s stirring from their cozy slumber in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? You got it—bears are making their grand entrance as they emerge from their winter digs.

  • Stage by Stage: The bear parade begins with the dapper adult males, strutting their stuff as the first to step onto the spring scene. Following close behind are the supermoms, guiding last year’s cubs and brand-new bundles of joy into the wild world. They’re like the VIP guests at the grandest wildlife party!

  • The Hungry Hunt: Picture this: all these bears are busting out of their dens with a serious case of the munchies! They’re on the prowl, hunting for their favorite delicacies. Winter kills (hello elk, moose, and bison) are on the menu, followed by the elegant roots, flowers, and grasses.

  • Winter Slumber Secrets: Hold onto your hats, because here comes a mind-blowing fact: once bears tuck themselves into their cozy winter dens for a good nap in December, they’re in it for the long haul. No eating, no bathroom breaks—just peaceful slumber until the next spring arrives!

For a few months, they will focus on winter kills (elk, moose, bison) and then roots, flowers and grasses. Later in summer they turn to white bark pine seeds and ripe berries and even army cutworm moths..

Once back in the den for hibernation in December, bears will not eat, urinate or defecate until the following spring.

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