Wouldn’t you like to see these beautiful birds up close?

Trumpeter Swans in Icy River in Tetons

Trumpeter Swans are the largest and some of the most majestic of all native North American waterfowl. Adults stand at 4 ft, have a wingspan of 7 ft and can weigh up to 35 lbs.

Very soon, cygnets (this year’s newborn) will be hatched and grow big enough to fly by the end of summer.  Males are referred to as “cobs”, females “pens”. Cygnets stay with their parents for 1 summer after which they will establish new/shared territories.  Parents are mates for life and live on average 25 years. 

These are truly a spectacular species to observe in the Yellowstone Ecosystem!!

Close-up of Trumpeter Swan
Reflective lake mirroring mountain ridges in fall
White cygnets in the Tetons

Witness the Grandeur of Trumpeter Swans in the Yellowstone Ecosystem

Explore the Majesty of North America’s Largest Waterfowl Species

  • Majestic Waterfowl: Trumpeter Swans, North America’s largest native waterfowl, captivate with their grandeur and elegance.

  • Impressive Stature: Towering at 4 feet in height and boasting an astounding wingspan of 7 feet, these swans are a symbol of grace.

  • Weighty Wonders: These magnificent creatures can weigh up to 35 lbs, showcasing their substantial presence in aquatic landscapes.

  • Upcoming Arrival: As summer approaches, anticipate the arrival of cygnets, the year’s newborn swans, soon to grace the waters.

  • Swift Growth: Cygnets will mature rapidly, achieving the ability to fly by summer’s end, marking a remarkable transformation.

  • Family Dynamics: The swans are identified as “cobs” for males and “pens” for females, while cygnets remain close to their parents for a single summer.

  • Lifetime Partners: Trumpeter Swans epitomize devotion, as they mate for life and form an unbreakable bond that lasts an average of 25 years.

  • Inspiring Observation: Immerse yourself in the beauty of these remarkable creatures thriving within the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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