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Yellowstone Wildlife Tours

People had already been drawn to Yellowstone’s magnificent vista for over 11,000 years by the year 1872, when the area was established as the first national park in the world. Today, the stunning views and impressive native animals and plants continue to draw visitors year-round. However, most of the park roads are closed to regular vehicles during the winter season, so we are only able to offer summer tours.

Yellowstone Half-Day Tour

Our half-day tours include 4 to 5 hours of wildlife viewing, along with light snacks and refreshments, and you can choose an early morning or late afternoon pickup.

Yellowstone FULL-Day Tour

Our full day tours feature 8 to 10 hours of wildlife spotting and a complete box lunch.
Teton Wild Yellowstone Tours Our tours are fully customizable, and pricing includes up to six guests. We provide SUV transportation from your location in Teton Village or Jackson, along with spotting scopes and binoculars to help you locate your favorite animals. Grand Teton National Park is just 10 minutes away, and we can combine both national parks into a single tour if desired.

Teton Wild offers spectacular wildlife tours of Yellowstone from Jackson Hole in the summer months. For more information or to book your customized private tour, call us today at 770-686-1652.

Yellowstone National Park was primarily founded to protect its geothermal areas, which contain roughly half of the active geysers in the world. It also forms the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest mostly intact temperate-zone ecosystems on the planet.

At nearly 3,500 square miles, the park is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states: 67 species of mammals, 330 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 5 species of amphibians, and 6 species of reptiles. Yellowstone features the largest free-roaming herd of wild bison in the United States and one of the largest herds of elk in North America.

Yellowstone’s awe-inspiring majesty is undeniable. For more information or to book your customized private tour, call us today at 770-686-1652.