Want to see a Bighorn Sheep up-close and live?

Close Headshot of bighorn sheep with blurred mountains in the background

Bighorn Sheep will arrive near the town of Jackson, WY at any time now.

The herd of around 100 plus animals migrate from an area just north of Jackson and will soon be just 10 minutes outside of town.

Bighorn Sheep On grassy Mountainside in the Tetons
Reflective lake mirroring mountain ridges in fall
Bighorn Sheep in the Winter on Mountainside

The Magnificent Winter Migration of Bighorn Sheep near Jackson, WY

Witness the Spectacular Arrival of a Herd of Over 100 Bighorn Sheep Just Minutes from Town

  • Imminent Arrival: The anticipated arrival of a bighorn sheep herd near Jackson, WY is on the horizon, marking a remarkable wildlife spectacle.

  • Seasonal Migration: Around 100-plus bighorn sheep embark on a winter migration from an area north of Jackson, venturing closer to the town’s outskirts.

  • Convenient Proximity: In a matter of minutes, these majestic creatures will be within a short distance of Jackson, providing a unique opportunity for observation.

  • Winter Haven: The bighorn sheep’s winter migration covers approximately 15 miles from their northern habitat, extending beyond Grand Teton National Park.

  • Snow-Covered Sojourn: Their presence near Jackson lasts until April, contingent on snow conditions, granting an extended period to marvel at their beauty.

  • Up-Close Encounters: Witness the splendor of these remarkable creatures up-close and enjoy frequent sightings of the bighorn sheep during their winter stay.

  • Return to Summer: Following their winter interlude, the bighorn sheep will journey back to their summer range located north of the town.

Their winter migration takes them from an area about 15 miles north of Jackson and outside Grand Teton National Park. They will be here until about April (snow dependent). Beautiful wildlife to see, especially up-close and frequently! After spending the winter months here, they will return to their summer range north of town.

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